Handbag Care

In order for the handbag to serve you longer,

Cotton yarn bag:

The product can be impregnated, to become water resistant
(fabric impregnation).
You can also clean it with a clear-water sponge, if necessary.
When the bag requires more cleaning, it can be washed at 30 °.
It's best to use washing liquid, not powder! Do not add rinse aid.
Wrap all metal fittings with a piece of cotton cloth and tie them together, detach the chain and wash it by hand.
Set the washing machine on delicate fabrics or hand washing setting. It is best to wash the bag, in a special washing bag.
After taking the product out of the washing machine, you can wrap it in a towel for a while to absorb the remaining water.
To dry the bag, give it the right shape and leave it in an upright position to dry.


Take care of your bag, it will stay with you longer.

Metallic yarn bag:

All models with metallic yarn are NOT machine washable. Only gentle hand washing is recommended. The bag can be wiped with a tissue moistened with water. The bag should be stored upright and should not exposed to long sunlight.